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CALL TODAY! (865) 237-0054 offers the fastest and easiest way for you to sell your junk car. I offer a Knoxville junk car removal service and I will pay you cash for your unwanted vehicle. My mission is to provide you hassle free removal of any old or salvage junk car. There is no cost for me to remove or tow your unwanted junk car and I offer same day removal service.

I offer professional, prompt junk car removal services for the following areas: Knoxville, Alcoa, Maryville, Cedar Bluff, Farragut, East Knoxville, Sevierville, Louisville, Oak Ridge, Strawberry Plains and all surrounding areas.

My name is Mark Cannon, I’m a freelance mechanic and local Knoxvillian. I use a rollback wrecker and I will recycle your car by fixing it, parting it out, or recycling the materials in an environmentally conscious manner. For a car or truck to be “complete” it must have all its parts, including the catalytic converter, battery, alternator, and radiator, still on the car. Broken off parts from a wreck are ok.

I will not simply scrap your car but will evaluate it to determine if it is economically and environmentally feasible to repair it or not.

If not, I will recycle it through a local junkyard where the fluids will be drained and properly recycled and the car will be parted out or dismantled before it is crushed and recycled for scrap metal.

I can pay more for complete junk cars for this reason, no matter what size it is. I look forward to helping you recycle your junk car, truck, or van.


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